Top 10 Places to Sweat in NYC

  1.  IMD Beauty Spa - I go here to do the Magnesium Wrap and the Lymphatic Drainage. The Magnesium Wrap is one of my faves because it makes me sweat, while also helping with my stress, anxiety, digestion, and inflammation in my body. The Lymphatic Drainage comes after the wrap and is a massage that stimulates the lymph circulation and movement. 

2. Dancing - I started dancing about a year ago with Amanda Kloots and then started back up recently with Maya Sank aka Maya Moves. Dancing is seriously my favorite cardio at the moment because it doesn't feel like you're working out - just feels like you're having a dance party! 

3.  NAO Wellness - I started going to NAO Wellness to see a nutritionist, but while I was there I learned they had an amazing infrared sauna that I had to check out. You are in your own private sauna that has color therapy lights in it which are meant to enhance the soothing and energizing benefits of your session. Going to an infrared sauna is meant to improve digestion, enhance circulation, flush toxins from your skin for that gorg GLOW, and improve your overall mood. 

4.  Y7 - If I'm not dancing for my workout, you can find me at Y7. Y7 is a hip-hop yoga workout that is seriously amazing. The rooms are all dark, the heat is turned up so you get an amazing sweat, and the music is on point. Iโ€™ve never been able to focus during a yoga class until I discovered Y7.

5. Flex Studios Infrared Pilates - Flex Studios has essentially taken pilates and made it 100x harder. In this workout you legitimately feel every muscle in your body screaming at you. The high-energy, endurance building, full-body workout will keep you sore for days, but in the best way possible. 

6.  Soul Cycle - I've been going to sweat it out at soul since it's inception. No matter how much time I take off from Soul, whenever I go back I get right back into the swing of things. Soul is also the best when I'm out East because there are a few locations when those classes fill up right away - soul people, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

7. Aire Ancient Baths - Going here isn't on my weekly schedule since it is a little pricey and more for a special occasion, but it is definitely worth it. When you step into the doors, you are immediately overwhelmed by the zen feels. The Ancient Thermal Bath use hot water that relaxes the muscles and joint tension, while the cold water reactivates blood circulation and tones the skin. 

8 .Dance body - As I said, dancing is my favorite cardio, so when Maya and Amanda aren't around, Dance Body is my go to for classes.

9.  Rumble - At Rumble, you switch between boxing and working on the floor. Not only have is it an incredible workout for every muscle in your body, but it's almost like a therapy session too, because you get to punch something - an added therapeutical benefit is all I needed to hear to book my first class. 

10. P.volve - This is a workout that I need to go back to because it really focuses on movements rather than on the amount of reps you do. They are known for helping people master precise movements that activate hard-to-reach muscles - say hello to the abs that you never thought you would see! 

What are your favorite ways to sweat in the NYC?!

X kt