Viva La Juicy Soirée Fragrance


 I have been wearing Juicy Couture fragrances for as long as I can remember, so I was soooo excited to be given the opportunity to partner with Juicy Couture for the launch of their new Viva La Juicy Soirée Fragrance. My blog is such an expression of myself and adding this new dimension was the perfect fit.  

The Juicy Couture brand is made for the luxury-loving queen bee who works hard, but plays harder. Just like the brand, myself and all my “Honest Girls” are modern women who are not afraid to have fun and kick some ass. The new Viva La Juicy Soirée Fragrance was actually inspired by an over-the-top masked party where the Viva girl can let loose and indulge in a fantastical escape from reality... When I heard this story, I knew I had to get involved ASAP!

As most of you know, I originally started Honestly Kate from my love for costume design. Such a large part of theatrical fantasies or exaggerated realities comes from the influence of costume designers, and is exactly what drew me in as a complete theater junkie. The Juicy Couture brand has always paralleled the same magical vibes, allowing me to step up my level of drama in my every day life.

The Viva La Juicy Soirée Fragrance dances to life with a kaleidoscope of jeweled fruits like pink kiwi and sparkling mandarin. At the heart, you’ll find Indian sambac, jasmine and lush, vibrant water lily radiate feminine charm, while sensual amber, musk and soft woods pulse with a warm, intoxicating allure. 

Ladies--it's time to leave of scent of something totally irresistible: Viva la Juicy Soirée. Let the party begin! 

Thank you Juicy Couture Fragrance and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post!

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X kt