What Millennial Women are Talking About in Therapy

5 most often discussed notions in therapy with NYC millennial women

As a young NYC blogger, I’m often asked questions regarding my personal life, dating advice, fashion opinions, doctor recommendations, and the list goes on BUT when it comes to mental health I’m really not the expert. That’s why I teamed up with psychologist, Dr Stephanie Lesk to share a few of the most frequently talked about notions with millennial women.

See below for ways to a) turn the beat around, b) rewrite your story and get unstuck, and c) rework unproductive habits and thoughts!

1. Be kind(er) to yourself: You would never think or say half the things about others that you do about yourself.  Be your own best friend.

2. See value in uncertainty: Appreciate the need for patience for new relationships, jobs, or life decisions. Deciding someone or something has earned a coveted spot in your life takes time...no way around this and that can be a good thing.  

3. You get to choose how terrible something truly is. Sure discomfort or upsets can be unsettling, but remind yourself that such things are temporary, inform us, and resolve with time and perspective.

4. You're right where you're supposed to be: Any experience, whether it seems to work for or against you, offers lessons and opportunities that show themselves in time.  Trusting this will decrease that sense of things being 'against' you.

5. Remember, discomfort is temporary and action is not always required. We can be too quick to want relief, making a pause important so that you allow time to give perspective and calm down. 

5 ways to handle the above: 

1. Appreciate social balance: Going out nightly affects your energy, resilience, sleep, and mental clarity so find a setup that works for you.  

2. Reduce automatic statements about being stressed, rushed, or tired: What we focus on gets bigger so shift your thoughts to more nourishing ones.

3. Try hard to limit unwanted noise: If you're asking too many people for advice or receive too much negative, critical feedback, create healthy space:  All relationships - family, friend, romantic, or work - have their own flow and require fine-tuning as needed.  

4. Take a break from all self-help: Constant learning doesn't necessarily get you where you want to be more quickly.  Muscles need rest, so does your mind.

5. If what you're doing isn't working, try something else: Nobody has the answers for what works for you so hear people out but ultimately you'e the boss of, and expert on, you!

X kt