Day 3 started out in this blue velvet power suit! It's true what they say... power suiting is back in a BIG WAY!!! I started out the day with GLAMSQUAD, of course... and went with these half head of milk-braids! I always wanted to rock the milk braids, but didn't want to do the whole head in case I hate them lo! 

I gave myself a late start to the day because my first presentation wasn't until 1:00pm, and it was Saturday after all! By 12:45pm I made my way over to the Banana Republic flagship store (105 5th avenue) for the Olivia Palermo X Banana Republic presentation! All I have to say was WOW I have always been so inspired by Olivia Palermo’s style, and her chic take on Banana Republic was one something I was looking forward to see all fashion week. I thought the show was perfectly executed as a presentation, however I was a bit shocked by the protesters. Why would "fur protestors" target a brand that doesn't even sell fur? This didn’t really make sense to me, and unfortunately the models were terrified :( 

Side note, I shoot most of my looks on the Lower East Side because of the wide streets, and lack of busy business people!

Next I quickly came home to change for the Reward Style party at the Dream Hotel. This was by far one of the best events I attended all week. As I always say, meeting with other bloggers/influencers in the industry is my favorite part of Honestly Kate. I am always incredibly inspired by other women "curating their own future."

Next, I was challenged with one of the hardest decisions I had to make during Fashion Week.... Should I go to the Philipp Plein show, or attend the Namilla show? AHHHHH This was a hard decision as they were both shows I was dying to see. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize they were happening at the same time. I’m definitely a NYFW rookie, when it comes to these things. I decided to go to Philipp Plein show as some of my friends I hadn’t seen yet were going to it, and some of my friends were walking in it. And wow it was INSANE. The show was not a typical NYFW show, it was a performance to say the least. Dita Von Teese, Future, and Niki Minaj were just a few of the performers of the night. I left speechless, and can't wait to see what comes next for the brand!

Stay tuned for Day 4....

X kt 

Photography by Meg Niemann | @MSNPhotography