NYFW Tricks of the Trade


With the official start of New York Fashion Week just one day away, I’ve decided to share the top 10 tricks of the trade I’ve learned to survive NYFW and look like a boss ass bitch!

1. Never wear new shoes! You will most likely be in the same shoes the entire day, even if you are changing outfits… you’re not going to go barefoot in a public bathroom or the street, so make sure your shoes are comfy. 

2. Bring a portable charger! The WORST thing that can happen during NYFW is your phone dying. 

3. You don’t have to attend every show! There is a major lack of time; it seems as though during fashion week time speeds up. Take a break if you need it! It’s really not a big deal.

4. Don’t be afraid to make friends in line or at shows. This is seriously where I have met almost ALL my fashion friends. When I first started my blog I knew absolutely nobody in the industry, so when I attended my first NYFW I had nobody to go to shows with. I started introducing myself to people around me in lines, and asked what they did for work, and now I can’t walk into Spring Studios without hugging at least 10 people. 

5. Keep food/snacks with you at all times - I don’t know about you but I can’t function without food! Schedule in time to eat before or in between shows.

6. Schedule your photo-shoots ahead of time, even if it means capturing your outfit a few days before or early in the morning.

7. Leave 30 minutes before each show, as the NYC traffic during fashion week is bananas!

8. Take care of yourself! The last thing you want to happen during NYFW is to catch a cold, so make sure you carry tons of Chaptick, face spray, and vitamin c packets with you at all times. Also, you don’t have to shake anyone’s hand. Just hug them, it seems friendlier anyway. 

9. Wear a small, hands-free bag. There’s no room to take notes/pictures and record interviews with your hands if you have a hefty bag you are lugging around.

10. Be confident in your lewk - it’s always intimidating walking to the NYFW venues. There are so many stylish people on the streets getting their photos taken or standing line. Focus on wearing your own looks with confidence. YOU DESERVE TO BE THERE!

X kt