Happy Mama's Day!!!

All our looks are from Ramy Brook!!!

My Look: Monica Dress

Gummy's Look: Kristie Top

Mama's Look: Paris Top

Photography by Meg Niemann | @MSNPhotography

These two women mean EVERYTHING to me! They are my best friends, role models, and biggest supporters in anything I do! I don’t know where I would be without them! I pretty much spend all my free time pampering, eating, exploring, and discussing all my crazy ideas with them!

My grandma, “Gummy” as I like to call her is the matriarch of my entire family. I have a huge family and she is the glue that keeps us together. She is the epitome of the energizer bunny to say the least. There is never a game, performance, event, or party that she will miss. She has ten grandchildren, and somehow seems to make it to everything with a huge smile on her face and chicken “pucks” fingers for everyone! Growing up Gummy pushed me to pursue a career is fashion and costume design. She would bring me to the garment district in NYC and let me pick out fabric to cut and sew anything I could imagine. I of course, decided to pursue my passion for acting and entertainment. She was supportive always, but never stopped pushing me to practice exploring my creative design side. A big part of why I started HonestlyKate was for her, and I will be forever grateful for that final nudge.

You might know my mom, Ilene as the Instagram QUEEN, but to me she is so much more: My mom is my whole world. I don’t make any decision without running them by her first. She is by far the most creative, caring, and kind person I have ever known. From such a young age she taught me how to dress, how to be a true friend, and how to be a very hard worker in anything I set my mind to. Her artistic design aesthetic is something I will always strive for. There is no one I can rely on more than her. I always say that I think even my friends like hanging out with my mom much more than hanging out with me. I strive to be a mother, and a friend like my mom someday. 

I was overwhelmed with happiness to have both my Gummy and my Mama apart of the blog! It was about time they got in front of the camera, because they are really the backbone of everything I do for HonestlyKate. There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not grateful for these two ladies, and I will never forget it!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Mothers Day!!!

X kt