Foods That Feed Your Skin


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You Truly Are What You Eat. Since working with nutritionist Ellie Sethness from NAO Wellness I’ve learned that this saying couldn’t be more true. That is why we teamed up to put together a list of the top seven foods you should be incorporating into your diet to promote skin health, firmness, anti aging, and hair growth.

Beauty Foods:

  1. Collagen: Collagen is a wonderful anti-aging product because it can help reverse aging, reduce cellulite and as an added bonus it helps the digestive system. My two favorite collagen brands are Vital Proteins, and NeoCell.

  2. Red Bell Peppers: Due to the fact that there is tons of vitamin C in red bell peppers skin can appear younger looking when added into your diet on a regular basis.

  3. Avocados: Not that anyone needs another reason to eat more avocado but now you can add it into your beauty regimen! Using avocado oil on your skin helps create collagen, hello firm skin! 

  4. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are full of vitamin C and carotenoids which has been shown to help wrinkling. (Unfortunately, I just found out that I am severely allergic but they used to be my favorite food)  

  5. Dark chocolate: Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants plus it tasty! Antioxidants are great for our skin, it helps to improve wrinkles and increase skin thickness. 

  6. Walnuts: Walnuts are full of magical ingredients which can keep your hair hydrated (thanks to the omega-3’s) and also repair the damaged hair follicles (thanks to vitamin E).

  7. Coconut oil: While many people use coconut oil to cook with I suggest applying coconut oil to the ends of your hair to create a great shine and eliminate frizz.

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