Sports Bra: All Access / Leggings: All Access

When the new All Access collection drops at BANDIER and it’s BOMB AF!!! I’ve finally fallen into the fitness frenzy, and I wanted to share with you some of my favorites so far!

1.  Amanda Kloots - My ALL time favorite dance cardio class! This class is all about the feel good vibes. You will leave fully drenched and in a better mood!

2.  P.volve - A mix of Pilates and physical therapy. The little tiny movements really get ya where you didn’t even know you had movement.

3. Megan Roup - Sculpting, and dance cardio. Love the energy Megan brings to the class. This class is always a scene.

4. SLT - FIRST TIMER AND SO OBSESSED! Different than any pilates I’ve ever done before. You feel the burn immediately.

5.  SoulCycle - A cult favorite. Go for the teacher, thats where you’ll get the most out of it ( I personally love Thomas)
6. Exhale  - I’ve only tried the barre class at exhale, but I thought it was fabulous. I always feel like woman who do barre daily are in the sickest shape….. trying to get there!

7.  Y7 Studio - Vinyasa yoga to the beat of hip hop music. I’ve truly never understood yoga…. i’m usually always bored, but this studio has drastically changed my mind.

8.  305 Fitness  - Feels like you’re dancing at a club! Definitely go with friends. You will laugh your ass off!

9.  Pilates By Sylvia - Uses modern pilates know as the BASI school of Pilates, which builds on top of his teachings, leveraging contemporary research in physical therapy and biomechanics.

Let me know your favs below - I’m always searching for

X kt