Finding The Light In MTK

Romper: Draper James / Shoes: Robert Clergie / Bag: Straw Bag / Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Photography by Meg Niemann | @MSNPhotography

My third Hamptons hotspot is the Montauk Lighthouse. The Montauk Lighthouse is an iconic spot in the Hamptons. You have to go at least once (or in my case once a summer for 20 years) — it’s a Historic Landmark, after all, built way back in 1796. In fact, it was the first lighthouse in New York State, and the fourth in the US! - How COOL!!!

Visitors can walk all the way to the top, enjoy the museum and gift shop, or check out the Oceans Institute. They hold weddings, too! SWOON.

If you haven't been yet, IT'S A MUST!!!

X kt