Feelin' Mellow Yellow

Raincoat: Brooks Brothers / Dress: Ramy Brook / Shoes: Topshop / Umbrella: Kate Spade 

Photography by Meg Niemann | @MSNPhotography

As my blog has evolved I have been trying to take more risks when it comes to my daily looks! I have to say this look was a huge risk for me with the mix of bright colors, and I absolutely LOVED it!!! This outfit has truly inspired me to pair more colors together.... so get ready for what’s to come!!!

This look is also the start of my campaign with Brooks Brothers Red Fleece collection! I have been so excited to start this campaign, as Brooks Brothers has such a fabulous reputation for quality long lasting pieces. I have been wearing Brooks Brothers clothing forever, and I was so exciting to start wearing their new women’s line Red Fleece! This yellow raincoat was the first item I pulled when I started searching through the collection! I loved the length, color, and fit immediately and knew I could pair it with a million things for spring! Stay tuned for more of my Red Fleece looks coming soon to the blog! I can’t wait to share #MyWeekWithBrooksBrothers!!

Disclaimer: It’s been raining on all my shoot dates the past month so I have been bringing this handy dandy umbrella with me wherever I go! At least it’s cute right?!

X kt