As a Blogger I Wear Many Hats


As a blogger I wear many hats. My job is so much more than just taking pretty photos and posting them on Instagram. What you see is just 10% of what goes into the job. So much is going on behind the screens that people don’t even realize. I listed some of the hats I wear below

  1. The Financial Hat: I’ve learned how to create my own invoices, track all my receipts for tax purposes, and learned how to deal with late payments. This is BY FAR my least favorite hat to wear.
    2. The Manager Hat: I pitch to brands and agencies, negotiate brand deals, and keep track of my own projects.
    3. The Legal Hat: Signing and reading all contracts, making sure I’m ALWAYS following the FTC disclosure regulations, to avoid any potential problems with their content as well. 

    4. The Writer Hat: Constantly writing and creating new material to post and talk about on my blog and column.
    5. The Stylist Hat: Arranging and coordinating pick ups and returns of clothing/products from brands and agencies. 
    6. The Talent Hat: The creator and personality as the face of the brand. Playing the angel and the devil, while never showing the negative side.

    What are some of the hats you wear at work?! 

    X kt