5 Tips to Surviving Wedding Season

How to Survive Wedding Season

I personally love going to a million weddings, because I just love love…. BUT wedding season is no joke, and can really make a dent in your bank account. It’s an amazing time to celebrate your loved ones, but it can be easy to forget to budget when you have so many in a row, ESPECIALLY if they are destination weddings. As you all know, I went to 8 destination weddings this summer, so I wanted to share my tips I learned for how to keep costs low for each one. Sharing below!

1.  RENT OR BORROW - Rent your dresses from either Rent the Runway, my longtime go to, or World Armarium if you want to wear more high end fabulous designer options. I also LOVE to swap closets with my closest girls. My favorite thing to do is style my friends in my looks. There is no need to buy a new dress for every occasion. Let’s face it, no one wants to be an outfit repeater in the digital age of the wedding hashtag, am I right?!

2. Airbnb - There are so many destination weddings these days. I have had 8 just this summer. Hotel’s can get pretty pricey even with the room block. There is always a good Airbnb option, and in some cases they can be better than the hotel.

3.  Pay Later - Find retailers that have partnered with ‘Afterpay’ where you can split up your payments overtime without being burdened by interest rates.

4. Split Gifts - No-one expects a single lady or single man to pick out a large gift from the registry, especially after they paid to get to your wedding out of town. You can even get creative, and buy something meaningful off the registry. I love getting couples personalized globes or a tray with their wedding invitation engraved in onto it.

5. Carryon Always - 1. I refuse to ever pay for a checked bag 2. You can’t loose your checked bag, and have to buy new clothes.

Let me know your favorite wedding hacks below :)

X kt