Mamma Mia: Mykonos Guide


With travel season officially here, I decided it was time to put together my Mykonos guide. Mykonos has always had a special place in my heart. The first time I visited the island was with my mom after my college graduation, and from then on I knew I had the Greek itch. There is something about the island that brings out the best energy, food, and of course people. Everyone is so welcoming. Last summer I lived my best Mamma Mia life, and I hope you guys will do the same with this guide :)

Where To Eat:


If you’re not staying at a hotel, I recommend walking the streets and going into local markets to get fresh eggs, honey, fruit, etc.

If you’re staying at a hotel, the buffet is always the way to go, so many different things to pick from!


UNREAL. Best place to go for lunch. Such a good atmosphere, the view is amazing, and the food is even better!

Hippie Fish: BEST haloumi on the island!!

Beach Club/Lunch:


Go for lunch at 1pm and don’t leave until you’re done with your day. Get beach chairs, hang, and drink. You’re on vacation after all!


Located on the best beach on the island, the sand is so white and the water is sooo blue! Eat lunch and then get a beach chair and soak in the sun.


A classic spot in Greece but has become THE tourist spot. It is definitely still a good place to have a great time, drink, and eat with a big group of people.



Best restaurant in Mykonos for dinner by far! Calm casual vibes and AMAZING food!


A MUST! It is totally different than the one in New York, so definitely put it on your list.


Great Italian food in a small, intimate restaurant. Options to eat inside and outside, but when in Mykonos, always eat outside…. Am I right?!


Located in the heart of the town, Interni is a fun restaurant that gives you clubby vibes and is outside!


On the beach with a beautiful view of the sea. Everyone on the island goes between 4-5pm on a Sunday to relax and eat, and dance. Such good vibes! They are also doing a partnership with Soho House this summer, which will be fabulous :)

Where to Shop:

Walk the streets and go into all the local stores, they have the best options that you won’t find in the US.

Where to Stay:

Mykonos Grand Family run hotel built into a gorgeous cliff

Mykonos Blu: On the same beach as Nammos with the most insane views of the ocean

Or AirBnb a house - I did this last year, and had the best time ever