Clean Cut Color Block

Coat: Maje / Sweater: Joie / Shoes: Rag & Bone / Jeans: Paige / Bag: Celine (similar here & here)  

Photography by Meg Niemann | @MSNPhotography

I am very into this look because it’s clean, classic, and too the point without being boring! When people think of color blocking they think of bright neon colors that strongly contrast each other. What people don’t realize is that you can color block with blacks, whites, and tans just as easily! I find that by color blocking with more neutral colors it makes your outfit pop even more than it would with bright colors, because people aren’t used to this new neutral contrasting palate.

We shot this look right after the big snow storm when it felt like NYC had frozen over with icy streets, and puddles of slush! You can only image how many times I slipped and fell during this shoot! Lesson learns, it is never wise to wear heels in the ice…. No matter how cute they are! For those of you who don’t live in New York, we have done a complete 180 and it is now FULL ON SPRING… Go figure, right when I was getting used to my layering ways it went straight to light layered jackets, and bare legs wearing just like that! But hey, I will not complain about the gorgeousness!

Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed their short work week and is gearing up for a fun or relaxing weekend ahead!
X kt