The Britton Pullover

Jacket: IRO (similar here & here) Sweater: Rag & Bone / Blouse: Amanda Uprichard / Pants: Rag & Bone / Shoes: Stella McCartney / Bag: Celine (similar here & here

Photography by Meg Niemann | @MSNPhotography

At this point it’s clear that I am utterly obsessed with stripped sweaters! I still have a few more that I haven’t posted yet, but don’t worry they will come! The sweater above is from Rag & Bone. It comes in two color schemes, but the orange in this one just made me so happy. I know you guys don’t see me in a lot of black or darker tones, so I thought I would switch it up a bit.... But of course, I still had to add that pop of color with the sweater! :)

            The absolute best part about shooting this look was having my little sister Gracie there! She is the bee’s knees! Although, we couldn’t be more different (my mother can attest to this) I like to pretend she is my mini me! In reality though, she towers me. In this shoot I am wearing my Stella McCartney platforms so you can’t really tell, but everyone ALWAYS thinks she is older than me.

            This past weekend highlighted how important it is to have special women in your life. I am all about girl power, and I think it is important to ALWAYS celebrate the women you are surrounded by.... We shouldn’t limit the love to just one weekend! I have said it before, but one of the best parts of starting my blog has been meeting so many amazing #GirlBosses out there. It is so fun to work with girls who are creative, hard working, and total badass's all at the same time!

Hope everyone is enjoying this hump day!

X kt