The "IT" Coat

Coat: Zara / Skirt: Zara / Sweater: Zara / Tights: Top Shop / Shoes: Givenchy (similar here & here) Bag: Gucci (similar here & here

Photography by Meg Niemann | @MSNPhotography

I have to say this is definitely the “it” coat of the winter! When the brand Acne first came out with this style coat in the beginning of the season I was drooling. Although, it is more edgy than the coats I usually wear I was drawn to it instantly! I couldn’t fathom spending the money on a coat that I knew wouldn’t really keep me warm in the brutal NYC winter, so I had been patiently waiting for Zara to come out with its own version of the hot jacket… AND FINALLY IT DID! The second I spotted the Zara version I grabbed it. I knew it would go fast, and to be honest besides the price point there are hardly any differences between the two!

            This faux fur leather moto coat is everywhere! I seriously think I can count over ten different girls and guys wearing this coat a day! I never tried on the Acne one, but I can say from experience that the Zara look alike is incredibly warm, chic, and can be worn so many different ways! Since there is a MAJOR Zara sale happening now I hit up the store and sort of went wild. The sweater and skirt I am wearing were both under $20 and went perfectly with the coat! I paired this full Zara outfit with my new Givenchy boots I found on Tradsey! How amazing?! I have said it before, but anytime I am looking for something designer I make sure that I don’t buy anything retail that I can find on eBay or Tradsey beforehand!... Full disclosure, I can usually find anything between the two sites! eBay really gives me life!

            I also just realized as I was downloading the pictures for this post that this is the first time I have worn tights this season. This is so crazy to me because I usually live in my tights and booties… I guess because I have been so into the over- the-knee boot trend thinks year I haven’t had a reason to wear tights as much! Who knows! Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend! Happy Tuesday!

X kt