Dress: JaneHudson / Vest: UrbanOutfitters / Shoes: Marc Fisher / Jewels: Jennifer Miller

Photography by Meg Niemann | @MSNPhotography

In the spirit of the Olympics I dedicated this post the brand JaneHudson! JaneHudson is a lifestyle retail brand of luxury basics for game day and the everyday. JaneHudson is a US-made brand, created in the heart of New York's Garment District. The name is an homage to the intersection in which the designer, Kristin Celano lived when she came up with the concept -- corner of Jane St. and Hudson in NYC's West Village. The name JaneHudson sits at the intersection of spirit & style and luxury & basics!

It has taken JaneHudson nearly two years to launch since the inception of the idea -- sourcing the best fabrics and finding the right production houses to work with were crucial to the success of the brand. Kristen said she “would never create something that wasn't of high quality or something she wouldn't wear herself!”

Currently JaneHudson has six different styles in a series of four striped color way options - Navy, Royal Blue, Black and Maroon.  For their signature "Betty" dress - which was inspired by the Betty Davis store in Ole Miss (only place you can get alcohol on Sundays...) - they have this dress in 12 different colors that map back to over 25 different major universities.  

JaneHudson surpass supporting your team, their classic navy and royal blue stripes have been on trend all summer long. The pieces are easy to wear, and travel well extremely well!

After seeing the Kristin pair her Jenning dress (the one I’m wearing above) with a bandana I couldn’t resist but to do the same! I think this look is so freaking cute! I felt that adding this oversized jean vest only enhanced the “Americana” spirt of the brand! If you haven’t already started following this brand go their website ASAP!

X kt