Skirt: 3x1 Skirt (found at Maddy's 390)  / Shirt: Aritzia Crop Top  / Shop: Chloe

Photography by Meg Niemann | @MSNPhotography

Let the denim fringe obsession continue!!!!! This post is all about 3x1, a denim label which is the height of high end quality! 3x1 has completely taken over the streets of New York! The designer behind the brand Scott Morrison has been leading the industry in designer denim for more than a decade now. Before creating 3x1, he founded both Earnest Sewen and Paper Denim & Cloth in 1999.

After much experience in the textile industry Morrison started 3x1. When asked about the philosophy behind 3x1 Morrison replied, “ I wanted to reflect what I think is important today: impeccable quality, brand integrity, and transparency into our process, while being both informative and educational in every aspect of our business. 3x1 is a tangible expression of that.”

The 3x1 shop on Mercer street is unlike any shop in SoHo. The shop could easily be mistaken for a high-end denim factory. Along the entire side of the loft space are white-coated seamstresses and tailors measuring, cutting and sewing—by hand—some of the best denim in the city.

What really sets 3x1 apart from any other jean is the way each jean seems to miraculously offer a perfect fit—regardless of your shape… THE REAL SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVLING PANTS AM I RIGHT???!!!!!...

In this post I am wearing the 3x1 denim fringe skirt paired with an Aritzia white crop top and my new Chloe sandals! You can also pair this look with the 3x1 denim fringe jacket (seen in my instagram!) that can double as a fall dress! Both pieces were found at Maddy’s 390 boutique on Long Island (see previous post for more info on Maddy’s 390!)

Let me know what your favorite denim brand is??

X k