It’s finally vacation season and for anyone who is heading to a warmer climate this post is here for you! One of my favorite things to do is pack. I seriously love it! If I wasn’t pursuing an acting and blogging career, I would LOVE to be a personally organizer! This year I am headed with my family to Miami! I am so excited because I love Miami, and have never been there with my family! I am supper close with my family and cherish our holidays vacations together more than anything.

 In this post I am showing what I am bringing on my trip, as well as how I stay organized while packing. First thing first is to NEVER over pack! I know this is hard, especially if you are a clothes horse like I am, but packing lighter will really make your vacation that much smoother. To do this I put all the clothing I would potentially like to wear on a rolling rack so that it is easier to see. There is really something about having your clothing hung on a rolling rack that just makes the whole process a lot smoother. Once, the clothing is all lined up I start eliminating pieces I know are a total bust. I try to find which pieces of clothing can go together, and which items I can mix and match! If you can’t wear an item twice with a different look it’s a goner for me! That is really the most important thing to learn when trying not to over pack!

For the daytime: 

If you are going away for a week I would say to bring four cover-ups. Cover-ups are always great because they are easy to throw on, and are light as a feather in your suitcase! (who else dreads that extra charge at the airport?!?) Then add four to five bathing suits that you can mix in with the chosen cover-ups! This is always the hardest part for me because I live for bikinis! I just can’t resist when I find girly and colorful bikini, especially when it comes to brands like Zimmerman and Lisa Marie Fernandez that keep coming out with cuter bathingsuits each season!.... now if only they didn’t break the bank… I always pack a pair of TKEES sandals to throw on during the day. There is really no better flip flop! That pretty much covers my look during the day!

For the evening:

Dressing for the evening however is always my favorite part of family vacations, particularly because I know my mom will be taking a million and one pictures throughout our meal…Ha! Every year I try to find three new items to add to my holiday vacation wardrobe. This year I couldn’t resist but lean toward the brand MISA Los Angeles when it comes to cute skirts, and dresses. MISA’s clothing is easy, playful, and feminine; what better combo than that?! I try to also always bring two pairs of jeans, and few pairs of jorts (jean shorts) because who doesn’t love to throw on a pair of jorts with a cute top and wedges and call it a night!?!

For the evening I always pack two pairs of wedges, and one pair of what I like to call my “fancy sandals.” This year I am bringing back my summer obsession, the Marc Fisher wedge and my newest obsession the Miu Miu platform sneakers! For my fancy sandal I found this amazing black suede Zimmerman shoe on Shopbop’s Black Friday sale and totally snagged them!

For Jewelry:

            For jewelry I don’t bring a lot when it comes to travel, because you never know if it will be lost etc etc, however I always always always bring a few really fun pairs of Jennifer Miller faux statement earrings. I LOVE big colorful earrings, and Jennifer Miller really has the best selection for resort looks!

For Beauty:

            Sunblock, of course! I bring a whole variety of sunblock… spray on, stick, cream. When I was younger my mother was the sunblock monster, so I learned the hard (embarrassing) way. If you couldn’t already tell by my Instagram feed, I will never leave the city without my current prized possession The Beach Waver! I am completely obsessed! No need for blowouts on vaca when you have the Beach Waver on your hands! I personally use the S1 size. And of course for my makeup my number one go to is and will always be Laguna bronzer by NARS. It is a must when traveling… a MUST!

For Travel:

 Last but not least, is my travel attire. I’ve always admired those people who look just fabulous on a plane, however I have come to terms with the fact that that will never be me. For plane rides I have to be as comfortable as can be. You never know what will happen when you travel, so comfort is key! I tend to usually wear some sort of Wildfox sweat suit with sneakers or slip on keds!


Key Packing Tips (I learned from my grandmother):

1.     Pack all things silk or that wrinkle in between plastic!

2.     Pack dresses and blouses on hangers!

3.     Always tape your liquids and creams so they don’t explode!

4.     Shoes must always be in separate little baggies! (for you germaphobes out there)

5.     Jewelry and valuables must always stay in your carryon! NEVER in your checked luggage!

6.     Scarves, scarves, scarves… to throw on always and whenever!


That pretty much sums up my vacation necessities! Would love to hear your personal packing tips below!! Hope everyone has a great holiday!!!

X kt 

What I'm wearing above: 

Bathing suit: Lisa Marie Fernandez

 White Blazer: Rebecca Taylor

 Jorts: Rag & Bone

 PJ'S: Trina Turk

Dress: MISA Los Angles

 Sunglasses: Krewe

 Suitcase: Kate Spade

 Cover Ups: Vanita Rosa from Maddy's 390 (similar here & here)

Poupette St Barth cover ups more options here & here

Hat: Maddy's 390 (similar here & here)

Floral dress: Marissa Web

 Photography by Meg Niemann | @MSNPhotography