Urban Outfitters Home Edition

Home Decor

Jersey Duvet Cover / Twin Jersey Pillow Covers / Winky Face Pillow / Shaggy Pillow / Matching Pom Pom Pillows / Shaggy Throw / Fuji Poloroid Camera / Vintage Portable Speaker / Coffee Table Books (Rosé All Day , Summer Journal , Cacti Book


Blue Bow Dress / Pink T-Shirt / Black Floral Shorts / Straw Hat / Purple Vans / Colored Sunglasses

Photography by Meg Niemann | @MSNPhotography

I’ve been patiently waiting to share my first lifestyle post! And the fact that it is in collaboration with one of my all time favorite stores, Urban Outfitters, has been even more exciting!!! I have been a HUGE fan of Urban Outfitter since before I can even remember, and have always loved their shabby chic home décor, bedding, and accessories! My room was definitely in need of a major face lift, and doing it at the start of summer could not have been a better time.

I stuck with a light color palate for my bedding using shades of crème, and grey. I always feel your bed should be a neutral color. Your bed should be your sanctuary; a place to relax and feel Zen. I went a little overboard with the shabby chic pillow because I couldn’t decide between all the cute options! For the decorative objects around the room I went a little more retro to had pops of color, and style into the mix.

I couldn’t be more thrilled for how the room came together! It feels like an entirely new space for me. And like they say, Feng Shui is good for the soul!

Thanks Urban Outfitters for sponsoring this post!!

X kt


Photography by Meg Niemann | @MSNPhotography

Happy Father’s Day to my very own Superman! Thank you for teaching me to work harder then anyone else in the room, always know when to make people laugh, and that investing in yourself is your greatest asset.

I can honestly say you are probably one of the most well liked people I know. If I just tell people that I am Steven Sands’s daughter, I am immediately welcomed with a hug from people I have just met. You have a way about you that makes everyone you’re with want to be around you. The most common quote I heard from my friends over the years is “When I grow up I want to be Steven Sands.” And it’s so true!

You have inspired me in more ways than you know to create this blog, and go after my dreams. I have watched you create your own business from nothing, and having your support in mine means the world to me!

There is really no one better than you, dad! Can’t wait to celebrate all day!

X kt