Ask Amanda: Amanda Kloots!!!

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I am so excited to share that my next Honest Girl is Amanda Kloots!!! I have been taking Amanda’s classes for a little over six months now, and I have to be honest and say it’s the only workout I will do! Once you go AK you never go back…. Amanda brings her infectious energy in everything she does. I never feel like I’m “working out,” instead I feel like I’m partying with my girlfriends. If you haven't already tried either The Rope, or The Dance get there NOWWWWW!!! I promise you will be thanking me after :)

A little bit about Amanda

 Amanda is an Ohio native, who brings her infectious and inspirational attitude to everything that she does. As a former Broadway dancer, Radio City Rockette and now celebrity trainer, Amanda will have you smiling through every workout. 

Amanda developed the jump rope method after years of trying different ways to stay in killer shape. She fell in love with the jump rope after discovering it's the quickest, most effective way to get a full body workout, and spent years creating ways to use it for more than just jumping. It's the ultimate prop to have with you at any time, on any trip, on any day.

Amanda's classes are a mix of dance and cross training with special attention on form and details to create a unique, fun workout that will have you drenched in sweat in minutes! Her creativity is unmatched, her energy is contagious, and her positivity everlasting. No matter your experience level, you'll be captivated by Amanda's radiant persona and empowering attitude.

Now as a successful and motivating trainer, working out with Amanda in a class or during a private training session will leave you feeling POW, WOW, WONDERFUL! 

Ask Amanda: Interview Questions

Was there a particular moment that made you realize this career was for you? Have you always been interested in personal training?

   Making fitness a career for me came out of a huge life change for me.  I had been performing on Broadway for 16 years but the show I was in closed so I was out of work.  I was also going through a divorce at the time and was dealing with being on my own.  I really needed something in my life that I could count on, that was my own.  I really enjoyed teaching fitness so I decided to start my own business.  I had always loved working out and had always wanted to be a personal trainer so it did seem like a logical step for me! 

What was the inspiration behind your The Rope/The Dance? How did you come up with the idea? 

My jump rope class came out of me experimenting with a private client one morning.  We started jumping for a warmup and I had an idea to never put the rope down for the whole session.  We did a complete full body workout that I created on the spot that was killer so I decided to refine it and create a class!  The Dance was inspired by all my years of dancing in shows.  I wanted to created a nonstop dance party class where there were dance combinations that were choreographed to certain songs.  This way it would feel like the client would know a routine and feel a part of a "show".  I liked the idea of not stopping so that you can really burn a ton of calories and build stamina! 

What advice do you have for other creative women with a passion for entrepreneurship and starting their own business?

 I would say that don't be afraid to ask for help.  Starting a business is a lot and you will work harder than you ever have so ask for help!  Several people have helped me along the way that without them I definitely wouldn't be where I am at today. 

What makes your approach different than other celebrity trainers out there?

   I try to make working out a positive and inspiring thing to do instead of something someone dreads.  I come to every workout with energy that I hope radiates to my clients.  I really try to push clients to do better, try harder and work to your fullest potential.  Coming from a performing career helps with this because when you are performing you have to be ready to go at any time, always smiling, and willing to work a lot!  

What’s next for your career? Do you have any exciting projects coming up? 

I have my own jump rope that I am working on and some fun swag coming out!  I am also doing some fun retreats in 2018!  Check out my one in Bali with Fit & Fly Girl, it should be incredible! 

Thanks for sharing Amanda, and STAY TUNED for our YouTube video!!!!

For more on Amanda check out her website here!!! 

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Don't Call Her A Cupcake: Dani Beckerman!

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Meet my fourth #HonestGirl Dani Beckerman founder of my FAVORITE dessert Jars by Dani!!! Dani Beckerman started Jars by Dani by spotting a mason jar in a craft store driving her to develop the next new dessert obsession. Something delicious and beautiful—that looked as good as it tasted. She experimented with recipes until successfully creating her signature line of jars.

The buzz on social media made Dani realize she had something special. So she took to the city streets, hand delivering each jar around Manhattan herself. Dressed in a cute outfit and hat, of course. Once just a fun idea turned into a full-fledged business.Today, it’s love at first bite as Jars by Dani continues to capture the hearts of fans in NYC and nationwide. Even A-Listers like Diane Von Furstenberg, Kenneth Cole and Teen Vogue have made Jars by Dani a must at their fashion events.

Read below for all of Dani's insights into the world of entrepreneurship! 

Was there a particular moment that made you realize this career was for you? Have you always been interested in baking?

 I didn't really have time to realize it was for me! I made the JARS for a dinner party one night - put them on Instagram - and instantaneously had more orders then I could produce! I have always loved baking, but never thought it would be my career. Very happy with the way things turned out! 

What was the inspiration behind your Jars By Dani? How did you come up with the idea?

I was doing tons of baking - coming up with all new recipes. One day I thought it would be fun to layer everything I was making in a beautiful glass jar. It worked out. 

What advice do you have for other creative women with a passion for entrepreneurship and starting their own business? 

Jump in head first and don't let setbacks discourage you. You're not going to know all of the answers and you're not always going to make the right decisions but that's what makes the journey such an incredible learning experience. 

What makes your approach different than other pastry chefs out there?

I'm not the most conventional thinker! I tend to think outside of the box instead of focusing on perfecting what's already been done. 

Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

We recently collaborated with Good Humor which was an awesome success. We're now looking into partnering with other delicious brands to bring customers fun and innovative JAR flavors

How do you stay honest to your brand?

The JARS brand is reflective of my taste. Luckily people have been responsive to my vision! As long as I stay true to what speaks to me the brand will remain consistent. 

Thanks for sharing Dani!!! Head to to buy your Jars today!

Check back next week to see who our fifth #HonestGirl is!!

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Branded By Jenna

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I am so excited to announce my third Honest Girl is not only my cousin, but also my best friend DRUM ROLL PLEASE.... MEET Jenna Sands!!! Jenna started her company Branded By Jenna around the same time I started Honestly Kate, so watching her company grow to size it is now has been so inspiring! Jenna has had a passion for health and fitness our entire lives.... something I'm still praying rubs off on me! Read below for her tips and tricks of the trade!

What is Branded by Jenna?

Branded by Jenna emerged from a side hustle I was working on while I was employed at another company. I was helping a family business market their food products on social media platforms, which ultimately started to drive website traffic and grow their e-commerce sales. After seeing tremendous organic growth after only a few months of work, the company began to depend on their e-commerce sales as a significant part of their monthly revenue, something which they had never considered before. I realized that my services could be applicable to a number of small brands looking to expand their social presences. Ten months ago I took a leap of faith and left my job, my comfortable salary, my benefits, and my health insurance to follow a passion. Today, I represent eight clients in the Health and Wellness space and my company continues to grow.

Was there a particular moment that made you realize this career was for you? Have you always been interested in marketing brands?

Although I have always followed a healthy lifestyle, I never had a background in marketing until Branded by Jenna was born. Once I saw myself adding tremendous value to these brands, I knew this career was for me. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and knew that I wanted to work for myself and I was just waiting for the right moment to come along!

What makes your approach different than other social media agencies out there?
My services are affordable and customizable, and clients have the ability to add their input, something which many PR and Social Media agencies do not offer. Big agencies charge per an hour, I charge per monthly service. The majority of clients have between 1 and 2 services, that are tailored based on their social media objectives and initiatives.

 How is working with a family business?

I’d be lying if I said it’s easy to work with my family because it’s not. I frequently remind myself how lucky I am to have a mentor like my dad. He is the reason Branded by Jenna exists. His company, Paleo Passion Foods was my first client. It is because of this company, that I was able to learn from my mistakes, teach myself marketing skills, and take a risk.

Tell us about your other company, Wellness Meet Up.

Wellness Meet Up is the sister company to Branded by Jenna. I started it with a childhood friend who I had connected with on the same common interests. We realized that these bloggers & influencers were developing close friendships through the internet, but lacked communication in real life. Today our mission with Wellness Meet Up NYC is to foster in-person connections between brands, bloggers, and wellness enthusiasts. We host bi-monthly events; each with a social media influencer, a curated theme, and brand sponsorships chosen specifically to meet this theme. Wellness enthusiasts meet their favorite influencers while also learning about a specific wellness topic and discovering new brands. It is our goal foster real-life relationships throughout the country.

What advice do you have for other creative women with a passion for entrepreneurship and starting their own business?

Follow your passion. Don’t be complacent and definitely don’t stay employed at a company, if you don’t see a bright career path ahead.

What advice do you have for people trying to pursue a side gig?

Give it your all. You never know where it will lead you. You will know if you’re on the right path if you have absolutely no free time, your sacrificing your social life, you’re embracing the stress, and you STILL want to pursue it.

What’s next for your career? Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

The demand for my social media marketing services is tremendous. My current focus is figuring out how to effectively scale the business, so I can take on a dozen more clients within the upcoming year. Our goal for Wellness Meet Up is to go nationwide within the year and be hosting events in big cities throughout the country.

How do you stay honest to your brands?

Staying honest with the brands I work with means being honest with yourself. I only represent brands that I believe in and that I can add value to. I would never take on a client whose product I don’t agree with or where I don’t feel my services would benefit them.

Thanks for sharing your Jenna! Check back next week for my fourth Honest Girl!

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Meet Molly: Celebrity Nutritionist Of Molly's Best

Molly's Look

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I'm SOOOOO EXCITED to announce that my second #HonestGirl is Molly Rieger, celebrity nutritionist and one of my closest friends!!! I have always struggled to eat a healthy, well balanced diet and Molly continues to inspire me to live a healthier lifestyle everyday. Here is her story!

Meet Molly

After being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in high school, I was on a mission to understand how food affected how I felt. I began cooking healthy meals for my family and I loved how it felt to bring loved ones together through food. I truly believe that the best memories are made in the kitchen or around the dinner table.  

As a registered dietitian with my master’s in clinical nutrition, my career path began working with chronically ill patients. It was while working in a hospital that I realized I wanted to give people the tools and education to not only prevent these chronic illnesses but to strive towards the best version of themselves.  There is nothing better than helping a client attain the confidence and energy needed to tackle their life’s passions. I counsel clients with a range of goals and challenges including weight loss, increased energy, gastrointestinal issues, and food intolerances.

Tell me about the philosophy of your nutrition business.

For those interested in working with me, the first thing to note is that I take an individualized approach. Each client has unique challenges, goals, and preferences, all of which influence their meal plan. I like to think of myself as the nutrition angel on each client’s shoulder. A majority of my clients know what they should be doing, but it is my job to keep them accountable and motivated. Eating is a multi-layered, emotional act and anyone who gives you a diet without considering that complexity has it all wrong. Together, we will work on eating mindfully and creating healthier habits that keep you looking and feeling your best. If I were to put my philosophy into one short sentence, it would be "eat mostly plants, and keep it colorful!"

Was there a particular moment that made you realize this career was for you? Have you always been interested in wellness and nutrition?

As I mentioned, the real turning point was being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in high school. I was determined to figure out which foods made me feel great and which to avoid. It was then that I really started researching the effects of food on the body and experimenting with different recipes in the kitchen. Cooking was always very calming for me. I started noticing how much better I felt and how much more energy I had when I ate healthy, natural foods and limited the sugary/processed crap!  That is when I really fell in love with the idea of pursuing nutrition as a career! 

What was the inspiration behind your business? How did you come up with the idea of Molly's Best? 

The inspiration behind my blog and website is to find creative and fun ways to enhance my followers' lifestyles through healthy and delicious recipes, nutrition tips, and interviews with influencers. The website was also a way to connect with curious people that I couldn't work with one on one. My private counseling business is inspired by my passion for helping others look and feel their best. Nothing is more satisfying than when a client says they have increased energy or confidence due to their new way of eating. The name Molly's Best came about because I am always striving to be the best version of myself, and help others become their best selves! 

What advice do you have for other creative women with a passion for entrepreneurship and starting their own business?

Don't be afraid or overwhelmed to start your own business just because there is a lot of competition or you see other girls doing the same thing. Find your lane and figure out how to do it in YOUR way. Your unique personality, style, and motivation will make your business stand out regardless of how many competitors you have. 

What makes your approach different than other celebrity nutritionists out there?

I don't believe diet is "one size fits all". Instead of prescribing one diet to all my clients, I take my clients' specific goals and lifestyle into account. I take a holistic approach that goes beyond food. The food choices you make are all based on your sleep habits, support circle, and stress levels. I work with my clients to find balance in all of those arenas while we work onpracticing mindfulness to make habitual changes.

Whats next for your career? Any exciting new projects?

I've partnered with the personal training gym Dogpound in order to create the nutrition program for their clients. I'm really excited to have the team and resources to be able to provide clients with a full wellness program that includes both food and exercise. 

My short term goal is to build my practice and expand my client network. Down the road I see myself creating a private label food line and eventually building a market. I've always loved the idea of creating a physical space where customer's have the peace of mind that every dish and product has clean ingredients and is responsibly sourced. Stay tuned for that!

How do you stay honest to your brand?

With nutrition, it is really easy to get swept up with the new trends and fads. New diets are popping up every day. I stay true to my brand by staying up to date with the research and thinking about the longevity and long term benefit to my client. I would never recommend anything to a client without trying it out first myself. 

Molly sees clients in person in Manhattan, or via videoconference for those out of the area. Head to her website Molly's Best for more!!!

Thanks for sharing your story Molly!! Check back next week to see who our next #HonestGirl is!!

X kt 

Christy Doramus: Flower Crown Queen!!!

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So excited to share my interview with my first ever "Honest Girl," Christy Doramus!!! Everyday I am so inspired by female entrepreneurs who have taken their careers to new levels. The Honest Girls section of my blog will give you an insight into some of the inspiring women who are curating their own futures everyday!

Christy Doramus is a Manhattan based floral stylist, specializing in custom fresh and faux flower crowns. A former beauty publicist, Christy has experience working with both large and small brands on creative strategy, floral projects and special events. Along with her team, she hosts DIY flower crown making workshops for private events all over New York and in the Hamptons. In 2015, Christy published a DIY book titled, Flower Crowns which can be found here. Christy and her team work out of a flower-filled studio in New York's quaint NoHo neighborhood. 

Here's my interview with one of my best babes, and flower crown queen Christy!!!

Tell me about the philosophy of your flower crown business.

Flowers make people happy and Flower CROWNS, make people even happier. There is nothing that brings me more joy than to spread happiness through flowers daily. This philosophy is what keeps me motivated and excited to grow my business.

Was there a particular moment that made you realize this career was for you? Have you always been interested in being a “florist”?

I have always loved flowers and although I never intended to be a florist, I am so thankful that I sort of accidentally found myself on this career path. When I was working as a full-time publicist, I always enjoyed helping with decor and flowers for events. In the midst of the most stressful moments revolving around guest lists, car services and venue deposits, I always found joy in perfecting the floral delivery and often arranged the flowers myself. Eventually, I was given the chance to make flower crowns for a few client events and it was during this time that I realized how much happiness I was able to bring people via flowers.

What is the inspiration behind your business? How did you come up with the idea of the flower crown?

I think the most successful businesses are those that are really designed to fill a market void and when I started @CrownsbyChristy , that was essentially what I was attempting to do. Brands, brides-to-be, bachelorette parties and birthday girls were looking for flower crowns that did not cost $300 each and I was able to create something custom for them at a more reasonable price point. I believe in constantly listening to ideas and feedback from clients because they truly inspire and challenge me to move forward with new concepts. Mermaid crowns? unicorn headbands? floral sunglasses? masks made of blooms!? These are all challenges presented to me by clients and as I always say... Give the people what they want!

What advice do you have for other creative women with a passion for entrepreneurship and starting their own business?

Starting your own business is so many things... rewarding, exciting, liberating, challenging. Whether you are starting a small craft business or the next multi-million dollar retail concept, I think that if you are truly passionate about what you are doing and don't take NO for an answer,thesky is your limit. Running the business is the easy part, but trusting your gut and never giving up is what can be the most difficult especially when things don't go your way. I love my business, but I question it every single day... Why am i doing this? Why would I ever leave a great 9-5 job to work around the clock? What's next? Who can I trust? WHY oh why would I put this stress on myself voluntarily??!! It would be a lie to say that I am a completely confident business owner, but I strive to be one every day. Those who are passionate about what they do and always have a goal are my career idols. I hope that I can someday be this to another girl in my shoes.

What makes your approach different than other artists out there?

Although I love creative freedom and the opportunity to see my vision come to life, I understand the importance of listening to my clients considering that we offer a custom service. My work always turns out best when I feel trusted, but I am always considerate about what the client wants as they are typically placing an order for a special life event. I love to be a small part of someone's big day so when our visions all align, magic happens!

What’s next for your career? Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

Over the past year, we have expanded our offerings beyond flower crowns while working on creative floral installations, flower walls and even custom chuppahs (thank you Ilene Sands for trusting us on that one!). While growing, we have also had the opportunity to offer creative consulting services beyond the flower crown to a number of incredible brands which has been very interesting and rewarding. I hope that we can grow this branch of the business over the next year. 

How do you stay honest to your brand?

Staying honest to your brand involves staying honest to yourself. I can't be everything to everyone and neither can my business. This can be a difficult concept to grasp at times, but after every single flower crown class or private event at my studio, I am reminded that we have built such a strong network of incredible women who I love and admire. Just because my brand is not also xyz, I am ok with that in the same way that I am ok with not filling every category as a human. My brand is a true reflection of myself and the women who make up my team and for that, I am proud.

Thanks for sharing Christy!!! Head to to buy your crown today!!

Check back next week to see who our next Honest Girl is!

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