UO Home Sweet Home


Cropped Sweatshirt / Sweatpants / Two Piece Set (Top - Short) / Studded Slides

Home Decor:

Blue Velvet Throw Pillow / Faux Fur Pillow / Feminist Throw Pillow  / Sherpa Fleece Pillow / Blue Throw Blanket / Cotton Pillow Case / Cotton Duvet Cover

Everything is exclusively from Urban Outfitters!

Photography by Meg Niemann | @MSNPhotography

If you have been following me, you will know how much I love to mix and match my bedding all the time! Just like clothes, I get tired of having the same home décor and constantly crave a change. Urban Outfitters came to the rescue here when they came out with an insane amount of funky pillows and throws! I especially went wild for the pink “Feminist Pillow!” How unreal is it? And so fitting in this time of change!

            September is a perfect time to not only change up your wardrobe, but your home décor as well! As Carrie Bradshaw once said “Once a year the women of New York lease the past behind and look forward to the future, this is known as Fashion Week.” Well you heard it here first ladies and gents, I am declaring this Fashion Week we not only put behind our summer wardrobe, but also our summer home accessories and revamp with something new. A little fung shui never hurt nobody! Am I right?!? And I for one am all about good vibes, and looking toward a positive future!

Let me know what your favorite new item is!

Thank you Urban Outfitters for sponsoring this post!

X kt