Mud Coffee + HK Award


    This post starts “Treat Me Tuesday.” Treat Me Tuesday will be part of the Honestly Awards! TMT will be a post put up every Tuesday featuring a restaurant, café, or bakery that I love in a certain area of NYC. This will be a place where I will talk about my favorite dessert items at a cafe, drink specialties for the season, appetizer at a newly-opened restaurant, etc. I wanted to start TMT with one of my favorite coffee shops on the Lower East Side, Mud Coffee. Mud is actually where I first met my photographer, Meg Niemann! … Mud is really special to me because it was there that Honestly Kate really hit the ground running!

    Mud has three locations in New York City! The first location is the Mudspot Restaurant located at 307 East 9th Street. Mudspot serves brunch all Day, selected wines and specialty Craft beers, and Dinner in a world-kitchen-style with the finest ingredients from NYC’s Market Place crafted freshly per order. The second location is the MudPark (my personally fav) located on 75 East 1st Street. It is so fun to have a coffee shop in a little park on the LES! It makes coffee meetings so much more fun! The third Mud Coffee location is the Mudtruck located near the Astor Place subway stop. If you haven’t been to any of Mud’s three locations go now!!! Mud couldn’t be cuter, and I PROMISE you wont be disappointed in their coffee either!

X kt

Dress: Ramy Brook / Shoes: Stella McCartney / Jacket: Iro / Bag: Celine Nano / Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Photography by Meg Niemann | @msnphotgraphy